ACRP Mentor Match


Mentor Match is an online tool for ACRP Members to establish mentoring relationships, and the latest addition to an expanding lineup of value-added benefits available to support ACRP Members’ professional development needs.


Mentoring is about developing others and helping them reach their goals. An essential part of being a leader in clinical research is to serve as a mentor to other clinical research professionals.

Mentor Match provides ACRP Members the opportunity to serve in both the capacity of mentor and mentee. The program is about growing professionally and networking with fellow ACRP Members; it is not about finding a job.

Mentor Match is available FREE to ACRP Members.

The platform is user-driven, allowing registered mentees to search among registered mentors using specified criteria to find individuals whose experience and expertise match areas in which they wish to be mentored. Likewise, registered mentors can search for and identify potential mentees.


Getting started with Mentor Match as a mentor or mentee takes just a few minutes of your time by following three easy steps:

  1. Enroll online as a mentor, mentee, or both. During the enrollment process, select the areas in which you are comfortable mentoring, or those in which you would like to be mentored. If you are not enrolled, you will not be able to connect with a mentor or a mentee.
  2. Search the Mentor or Mentee directory in the Online Community for ACRP Members who match your interests and schedule until you find the right fit.
  3. Send your preferred mentor or mentee a request to connect. Your request will be delivered via email. Once it’s received, mentors and mentees can accept or decline requests based on fit.

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